Much like medical doctors who take the Hippocratic Oath and swear to “do no harm,” Assay|Edu places great emphasis on our moral “duty of care” social contract with our partners. We are committed to identifying and socializing opportunities and risks for the broad educational catchment area.

Our evaluations adhere to the three basic ethical principles of human subject protections outlined in the Belmont Report:

  • Respect for Persons—Individuals have the right to make decisions about their participation in any part of the evaluation should they deem it harmful in any way. Individuals who do not have decision-making power (i.e., those who are immature or incapacitated) need to be protected from harm.

  • Beneficence—Information should be shared with participants, when appropriate, about possible harm they may incur because of participation in the evaluation, and every effort should be made by the evaluator to ensure that participants benefit from the evaluation activities. Benefits may include short- (program improvement) or long-term (impact).

  • Justice—Justice ensures that any benefit of treatment or participation is not denied to an individual without good reason and that burdens are not unduly imposed. Both the burdens and benefits of an evaluation should be distributed equally among all participants or according to individual need, individual effort, societal contribution, and/or merit.

Assay|Edu is committed to upholding people and student data with the most secure technology and highest regard.

Assay|Edu is the firm that drives rapid educational change so that the world can realize a promising future through our students.

Our mission is to employ strategic relationships and world-class evaluation methods to build our educational knowledge base and enhance student programs.

We Value:

  • Ethics: personal and data integrity

  • Inclusion: collaboration and diverse stakeholder perspectives

  • Informing: always share findings with all people and systems

  • Innovating: with our background in corporate adult learning, we bring something new and valuable into the education world

  • Passion: we bring joy to the party

  • Performance Culture: we’re committed to being our best selves and always open to feedback

  • Strategic Partnerships: we are a family with a common mission

  • Transparency: there’s no black box in our process

  • Trusted Advisor: we give you an outside perspective backed by years of experience